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7 Surprising Benefits to Living in Downtown Atlanta
August 3, 2020

7 Surprising Benefits to Living in Downtown Atlanta

by The CE Shop Team

Downtown Atlanta Is Still the Place to Live

With everything that’s going on, it can be tempting to look to the suburbs for a quieter, more spread-out existence, but as nice and tranquil as that may sound right now it’s not going to be this way forever. That means those of you with clients who have expressed interest in living downtown should remind them why it’s such a great place to be, and why right now is the time to buy.

7. Entertaining Out-of-Town Visitors Is Easy

Whether they’re a die-hard NFL fan and want to catch a game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, see a concert there, or they’re more interested in visiting the over 120,000 animals at the Georgia Aquarium, there’s always something for visitors to do downtown. Plus, they won’t even have to ask your clients to borrow their car.

6. Atlanta’s Parks

As we wrote back in May, Atlanta is home to some of Georgia’s best parks, and what better than to be close to a park they can enjoy with their dog? They don’t have a dog? No problem, tell them they can get their endorphins pumping at Centennial Olympic Park where they can feel inspired by the Olympic athletes that gathered here in 1996.

5. Atlanta’s Bars

The social butterflies out there know that sometimes the Uber ride can be just as expensive, if not more so, than the tab. By choosing to live a more urban lifestyle, potential city dwellers can save big time on their social endeavors and opt for another drink at the posh speakeasy Red Phone Booth.

4. Atlanta’s Restaurants

Let’s face it, foodies and food-lovers tolerate chains but more often than not they prefer a more unique dining experience. Hence why being close to something like Aviva by Kameel or Just Around the Corner will pay off in terms of full-belly-happiness.

3. Atlanta’s Cafes

Image provided by Marta Guide

Even though many of us are working remotely, it’s still nice to get out and treat ourselves to a cup of the good stuff every now and then. The good news? There is no shortage of coffee spots in downtown ATL. So whether they’re a coffee snob or just need to do a little people-watching, Cafe Lucia is a fantastic place to indulge.

2. Atlanta’s Traffic

Remember how it was before COVID? There’s no denying that traffic in Atlanta would test the patience of a Buddhist monk. Instead of sitting in the daily bumper-to-bumper grind that’s bound to return, city dwellers can take a brisk walk or a short mind-clearing bike ride.

1. Location (Getting to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Is Simple)

If your client lives downtown then they’re only 10.4 miles away from the airport and have the option of either hitching a ride with their favorite ridesharing service or taking The Plane Train. Either way, if they tend to travel a lot for work or for play, access to the rest of the world is the perfect distance away from their downtown dig.

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