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6 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp Working in Real Estate
March 31, 2020

6 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp Working in Real Estate

by The CE Shop Team

Sharpen Your Brain for Working in Real Estate

When it comes to the human mind, you either need to use it or you’ll lose it. It’s not just a statement people make, but an actual fact as proven by MRI images of brain atrophy.

Fortunately, working as a real estate agent requires you to “use it” when completing your Continuing Education. While completing your CE is great for temporarily sharpening your noggin, it is not enough if you’re looking to maintain a fully-functioning and agile mind while you enter your later years.

The life of a real estate agent can be busy and tiresome. Let’s face it, trying to learn a new skill, pick up an old hobby, or simply figure out a sane way to get more sleep might seem unfeasible right now in your career.

We get it, which is why we’ve personalized these six proven ways to keep your mind strong specifically tailored for agents like yourself. Utilizing these proven methods for increasing brain power will help you work more effectively as an agent.

And now that we’re all temporarily stuck in quarantine, these suggestions will hopefully act as useful distractions that turn into lifelong habits.

6 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp Working in Real Estate

1) Exercise

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: Exercise helps the brain. It makes sense. The brain is like a muscle, and the more you pump large amounts of blood into it, the more effective it gets.

Ways Exercise Helps:

The Real Estate Agent’s Workout Plan

Because time and energy levels can sometimes be limiting, this efficient 25-minute workout plan + daily tips for burning calories should help form the basis for starting a new routine that works to your schedule.

  1. Perform a basic five-minute body stretch using basic techniques for overall limberness.
  2. Run four minutes straight outside or on a treadmill. Feel free to substitute running for the arc trainer or bike if you like.
  3. Do four sets of wall squats, ten reps each, with 30 seconds in between each set.
  4. Complete four sets of pushups, 10-15 reps each, with 30 seconds in between each set. Feel free to also implement an easier version if you’re not an expert. 
  5. Using dumbells appropriate for your strength, do three sets of shoulder circuit, with 20 seconds of rest between sets.
  6. Do four sets of crunches, 25-40 reps each, with 30 seconds of rest in between sets
  7. Run three sets of sprints or other aerobic exercises. Fifteen seconds of intensity, with 30 seconds of jogging.

Once you get use to this routine, make sure to add to it and mix it up. The more variations of exercises, the better results you’ll receive for your brain and waistline.

If a COVID-19 quarantine is restricting your ability to complete some of these exercises due to a lack of gym or equipment, try this running in-place exercise and use water jugs like this. You’d be surprised how effective a workout you can get in with these replacement pieces.

Also, check out this workout plan from The Terminator for those looking for efficient, effective lifts without equipment.

SOCIAL MEDIA ALERT: If you’re a pushup guru, there’s a viral social media trend that may give you the opportunity to show off. Check out the videos here, and create your own to share with your clients during quarantine.

2) Diet

If there’s one thing harder to commit to than an exercise routine, it’s probably following a diet. So, let’s throw that phrase out. It’s not about following a diet, but instead making small incremental lifestyle changes.

There are many lifestyle dietary changes that can have immediate effects on your brain. Of all the trends and science-backed routines, the best known for helping your brain and body for the long haul, including staving off diseases like Alzheimer's, is eating Mediterranean-based cuisine.

While there are many benefits of following this diet, fully committing to any sort of dramatic life change for your digestive tract is asinine thinking. Instead, follow these small sacrifices in order to get your brain up to optimal speed without the pain and suffering of a dramatic overhaul to your dietary habits.

Lifestyle Tips for Your Real Estate Brain

  • Make One Change a Month

    It’s impossible to pull a 180 when it comes to your life. Instead, simply change one thing per month. For example, during the first month, avoid fried foods at all costs. Absolutely go and eat that cheeseburger but instead of chowing down on fries, order a side salad.

    When the second month comes around, make another small change by cutting dairy consumption in half. Again, eat the cheeseburger. Just instead ask for one slice of cheese. It’s these little sacrifices over time that make the most difference.

  • Patience is The Process

    Just like the 76ers with Joel Embid, success is not going to happen overnight. You’ll notice an immediate difference at the onset but in the end, brain health (and overall body health) is a habit-forming process that takes time.

  • Cheating is Mandatory

    Commit to changes but be okay with having that slice of cake. It’s okay to live. Remember, this isn’t a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. If you aren’t having your cake every once in a while, then what’s the point? Indulge responsibly.

  • Watch Your Calories

    This statement goes both ways. When making lifestyle changes with your eating habits, make sure you’re eating what you need to keep you on your feet for selling homes. That means not under eating or overeating.

    If you’re unsure of the correct caloric intake for your body, check out the Under Armor MyFitnessPal food log app for keeping track of what you’re putting into your body.

3) Read

Constantly reading books and online articles is scientifically proven to make you smarter. Getting lost in a book can also make you more empathetic, reduce stress, and increase the longevity of your life. They can also act as great morale boosters while you’re stuck in your house as the COVID-19 storm rages on outside.

Real Estate Agent Book List

  • The Greatest Salesman in the World
  • The Millionaire Real Estate Agent
  • The Conversion Code
  • Content Machine
  • Less
  • How to Win Friend & Influence People
  • The Power of Habit
  • Ninja Selling

4) Sleep

Getting enough sleep every night will help you perform your job as an agent better. It will also elevate your mood and brain functioning throughout the day.

Achieving enough shut-eye can be difficult, especially with a real estate agent’s flexible but busy scheduling. Most smart wearable technology nowadays has the functionality to track your sleep and help keep you accountable.

Using a sleep tracker like a Fitbit, be mindful of the hours you sleep to find your optimal amount. Eight hours is the recommended amount for most adults, but this may differ from person to person.

Sleep Tips for Agents

  • Put down the phone and laptop at least one hour before bed
  • Try and get in bed at the same time every night
  • Take natural sleep supplements like melatonin and magnesium
  • Exercise frequently but not within a few hours of bedtime
  • Purchase blackout curtains for optimal sleep

5) Puzzles and Games

Whether it’s teaming up with the family during the coronavirus pandemic to piece together a jigsaw puzzle or playing virtual chess with an old friend, completing puzzles and playing strategy games can be a great social activity (at a distance) that keeps your mind feeling malleable. The skills learned are directly correlated with helping the part of the brain that deals with negotiation tactics, which can help your client when trying to purchase a home.

Puzzle Game Apps for Real Estate Agents

  • Tetris
  • Brain it On
  • Move the Block
  • Sudoku
  • RISK

6) Write

The art of the word is probably the easiest way to keep the noggin rocking, and it’s also a great way to create your marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you’re going to write, create thought-leadership content that you can share with your leads and clients. This is a great opportunity to use your expertise and creativity to help flex your knowledge and remind them why they’re doing business with you in the first place.

Real Estate Agent Content Pieces

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Social Posts
  • Market Insights/ News
  • Vlog and Instastories
  • Email Campaigns

Keep Sharp with The CE Shop

Get your noggin up to speed with the best Continuing Education on the planet. And besides, you’re in quarantine. What else do you have to do?