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5 Texas Closing Gifts That Are Perfect for the Holidays
December 7, 2020

5 Texas Closing Gifts That Are Perfect for the Holidays

by The CE Shop Team

Keep It Texas With Gifts That Will Delight All Year Round

The holidays are fast approaching, which means gift shopping is in full swing. However, that’s nothing new for real estate pros who opt to give closing gifts. For them, the search for fun and unique closing gifts is a constant to-do. And with everything that’s happened in 2020, there’s no better time to support small local businesses, so why not incorporate some Texas-crafted gifts into your gift-giving frenzy? They’re great for the holidays or as closing gifts and beyond!

The Closing/Referral Gift:

From a small, simple hand-written note and a gift card to a local coffee shop to a rescued dog, closing and referral gifts vary from client to client and agent to agent. Obviously, how well you know the client will also determine what you get them and how much you spend. But if you’re unsure, don’t know them as well as you’d like, or just want to help, there’s one thing most of us can get behind: supporting small businesses. So whether you’re looking to go big, small, or just add a little bit of Texas to your brand, we’ve got you covered.

5. Maggie Louise Confections

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Maggie Louise Confections makes Texas-themed treats right here in the Lone Star State, and they’re just perfect for stuffing stockings, throwing in gift baskets, or even just enjoying on their own. Here you can keep it simple with an $8 chocolate rodeo or go all out with a custom-branded collection of confections.

4. Manready Mercantile Texas Campfire Candle

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Made in Texas and smells like Texas, the Manready Mercantile Texas Campfire candle for $28 is a great gift on its own or in a gift basket. It’s perfect for anyone who loves that sweet smell of smoldering oak without the smoke. Not your client’s style? Don’t worry, Manready Mercantile boasts a bevy of scents to choose from.

3. An M Grill

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Does your client love tailgating, camping, or hunting but hate the flimsy, cheap, portable grills they’ve been using while out in the field? Then gift them the $250 portable C4 grill by M Grills. They’re essentially mini versions of the large grills that the pros use, and they’re built to last right here in Texas. Come on, don’t tell us you’re not aching to throw a nice dry-aged t-bone steak on there!

2. Four St. James BBQ Aromatics

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Speaking of grilling, you know what would go great with that M Grill? This No. Four St. James BBQ aromatics smoking fuel. For just $12, this smoking fuel made with Texas-sourced ingredients can add a touch of rich smoky flavor to just about anything.

1. The GoBone

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While likely not “made-in-Texas” per se, GoBone is a Texas-based company that offers one of the best dog toys on the market: the $129.99 GoBone. Even Oprah has reportedly caught wind of it. All we can say is that if you or a client is a dog lover, there’s no better gift for a pet and its owner than the GoBone.

Regardless of how much you spend on closing gifts — even if it’s just a handwritten note — it’s always a nice touch that can help distinguish you from other professionals. Not confident in selecting unique gifts? When all else fails, the classic locally-made bottle of wine, nearby restaurant gift card, and a painting of the property are always classic heart-warmers.

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