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5 Reasons Why Military Veterans Make Exceptional Real Estate Agents
May 12, 2020

5 Reasons Why Military Veterans Make Exceptional Real Estate Agents

by The CE Shop Team

Veterans Have the Skills Needed to Become Great Agents

The knowledge and experience of a United States military veteran is not something that can be easily replicated within civilian life. These traits and skills that develop through basic training and military service create a soldier destined to succeed in the real estate world.

While not everyone who’s fought for the military is suited for the career of a real estate agent, there are too many uncanny resemblances between the skillsets of each profession to not take notice.

5 Reasons Why Veterans Make Exceptional Real Estate Agents

1) They’re Habit Formers

One of the make-or-break signs of a new agent is their ability to form successful habits. This includes establishing a routine filled with lead generation pursuits, new partnerships with local businesses, and all the hustle and bustle of a day in the life of a real estate agent.

Service members who join the ranks of real estate agents have a leg up on the competition. They already know how to create successful habits through rigorous training and dealing with more dire consequences where failure could mean imminent death.

When you consider these experiences, executing a home sale is a walk in the park.

2) They’re Problems Solvers

Real estate agents need to be able to quickly solve problems for both themselves and their clients. It requires an on-the-toes approach that only works well when the person already has a natural inclination for creative solutions.

When in the military, fast-thinking greatly benefits and supports your overall success. Like we said before, the stakes aren’t a lost client or unsuccessful home sale; it’s life and death.

3) They Value Service

Many agents are in it for the money. As educators, we know this and support their endeavors. However, what makes a great agent isn’t their cash stream but how they support their community.

Veterans understand the value of service more than anyone else. It’s usually the reason why they serve their country to begin with. Those who perform selfless acts are more inclined to become community leaders and help the area grow.

4) They Have a Strong Work Ethic

Unless your initial sphere of influence when joining the industry consists of Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffet, you can’t excel as a real estate agent without a strong work ethic. It’s not really debatable. Real estate agents need to work their you-know-whats off in order to succeed. As they say, money doesn’t grow on trees. And neither do new clients.

A strong work ethic is also a necessity for military personnel. Having this inherent characteristic trait helps immensely when you have the enemy in sight. Exchange that enemy for competing agents and rigorous workloads, and you’ll see veterans flourish.

5) They’re Goal Centric

Just like real estate agents, military veterans understand what it means to create and achieve their goals. The only difference is that agents are creating their own goals, while soldiers receive orders and take charge.

Setting goals might be the most important skill for an agent. You need to be laser-focused and cunning in your pursuit of success. Day or night, rain or snow, you need to be out there every day helping your clients find their dream home while generating new leads for the business. It requires multitasking and a ruthless concentration on what needs to be done. For military veterans, this is all but natural to what they knew before leaving the service.

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