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5 of Maryland's Best Places to Chow Down on Crab This Summer
July 6, 2020

5 of Maryland's Best Places to Chow Down on Crab This Summer

by The CE Shop Team

The Five Best Crab Dinners in the State of Maryland

A great restaurant can define a neighborhood, attract other businesses to the area, and most importantly bring people together. From a real estate perspective, being close to one is definitely a selling point. Or if you’re just looking to grab a bite with friends, entertain some relatives from out of town, or celebrate something special (like a big closing), it definitely helps to be in the know. Now there’s no shortage of excellent restaurants here, but we all know that a heaping pile of crab at one of these Maryland mainstays is the way to go.

5. Hemingway’s

Located in Stevensville, MD, Hemingway’s is the type of waterfront seafood restaurant we imagine the late author would take a liking to. With its nautical deep-sea theme, you can have both that coastal feel and a fantastically fresh crab dinner. Outdoor dining is dog-friendly, which is a big plus for those who love to snack and relax with their pooch.

4. Cantler’s Riverside Inn

When it comes to Cantler’s, positive, lip-licking sentiment is echoed among several different publications. Just on the other side of the river from Hemingway’s, Cantler’s is the quintessential Annapolis escape that whips up the best classic Maryland seafood fare and, you guessed it, you can get fresh-caught crab with a generous amount of Old Bay.

3. Schultz’s Crab House & Lounge

As one of two restaurants in the state to be named “America’s Classic” by the James Beard Foundation, Schultz’s is a Baltimore staple offering classic steamed crab including crab ‘fluff’ just as the culinary gods intended. It’s great food with a side of nostalgia you can’t find anywhere else.

2. Kentmorr Restaurant

Founded in 1954, the Kentmorr Restaurant knows how to do seafood. The best part, however, is its atmosphere and location. After stuffing your face with plenty of crabs, we recommend washing it down with a drink from the tiki bar and wandering down to the beach where you can blissfully digest from the comfort of a hammock.

1. The Point

The Point is a wonderful blend of modern and classic, making for a contemporary yet casual experience along the water. Waits are long, up to 2 hours in some cases, but its food, views, and atmosphere are well worth the extra time spent waiting around having a few drinks at the bar. Regarded by many as one of the best of its kind, this secluded Arnold, Maryland haunt is truly perfect for any occasion.

Image provided by Alejandro Benes

Regardless of what kind of cuisine you’re into, Maryland’s seafood scene is one of the many great things that make Maryland a great place to live, or at least buy a vacation property.

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