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5 Houston Bakeries That’ll Sweeten Your Holiday
December 14, 2020

5 Houston Bakeries That’ll Sweeten Your Holiday

by The CE Shop Team

Get a Taste of Houston’s Best Bakeries

We don’t care what they say about New York or Los Angeles; we know Houston is the real foodie heaven. Its wealth of affordable restaurant real estate, big city talent, and ethnic diversity all make Houston the new cradle of culinary invention — even in terms of bakeries. So with the holidays around the corner, why not try a few local sweets?

H-Town Bakeries You Must Put on Your Radar

If you’re going to give sweets as referral gifts or “thank you’s” for your clients, then, of course, you need to taste some first for research purposes. With that said, whip out your tasting clipboard, and head to:

5. El Bolillo

El Bolillo, which translates to “the roll” in English, is a Mexican bakery that started out very small and, much like a yeasty concha, rose into something truly sweet. Today, it’s one of Houston’s biggest and best local go-tos for both elaborate cakes and traditional south-of-the-border delights.

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4. Crumbville, TX Bakery

Whoever said “vegan” and “delicious” can’t exist in the same sentence never had a cookie from Crumbville. Not a cookie fan? Try one of their vegan cupcakes, like the Vegan Banana Pudding cupcake, which offers that perfect Southern twist.

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3. Fluff Bake Bar

As one of H-town’s hippest and most delicious little bakeries, nothing says you’re a foodie like enjoying a few sweet bites from Fluff. Even if you’re not a foodie yet, this sweet introduction to Houston’s blossoming food culture can't be missed. Try one of their Couch Potato cookies, which combines pretzel sticks, potato chips, chocolate chips, and marshmallows into a salty-sweet delight.

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2. Moeller’s Bakery

Since 1930, Moeller’s has been peddling some of the best classic sweets in Houston. With roughly 90-years worth of practice, they’re probably doing something right. So, if you want to kick it old-school, Moeller’s is the place for you. Take a bite of their Hungarian Coffee Cake, and you’ll wonder how you enjoyed any cups of joe without it.

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1. Mangol French Bakery

We’d be remiss to leave out a French bakery, especially one as good as Mangol. From freshly baked bread to tender croissants and so much more, there’s no better way to elevate a meal than with something from Mangol. Got a gluten-glutton in mind? Swing by Mangol for the good stuff. And, if you’re there on a weekend, sample their Twice Baked Almond Croissant - we promise you won’t regret it!

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Give a Sweet Gift

As a real estate professional, you know it’s the small things that go a long way. If you’re the type to give sweets and a handwritten note to your clients, it’s best to skip the big grocer confections and opt instead for a local treat, even if they are a few more dollars. It probably goes without saying, but buying local shows that you support small businesses and that you put some true effort into the gift. Now those are two sweet ideas we can all get behind.

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