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5 Haunted Places in Tennessee That Turn Skeptics Into Believers
October 12, 2020

5 Haunted Places in Tennessee That Turn Skeptics Into Believers

by The CE Shop Team

Despite Its Undeniable Charm, Tennessee Is Full of Creepy Places

When you think of Tennessee, what comes to mind — friendly people, fried chicken, country music, and the blues? How about the breathtaking mountain landscapes and affordable picturesque little cabins in the east? You see, it’s easy to fall victim to the Volunteer state’s charms, but make no mistake, it wasn’t always this way. 

5 Haunted Tennessee Sites You Need to Visit

Tennessee has a long, tumultuous history, including such events as the infamous Battle of Shiloh, where thousands lost their lives and slaves suffered greatly under their owners during the Civil War. That makes it home to some of the most haunted sites in America, many of which you can visit... if you dare.

5. Bell Witch Cave

Image provided by USA Today

Thanks to the 2012 film The Bell Witch Haunting, the Bell Witch Cave is among the most well-known haunted places in Tennessee. Rumor has it that a land dispute between John Bell and his neighbor Kate Batts escalated to the point where Batts threatened to haunt Bell and his family someday. Well, she must’ve made good on her promise because from 1817-1821, his family came under attack by an invisible entity that terrorized his family. Sadly, John Bell passed in 1820. Legend says that he was poisoned by the spirit of Kate.

For those who venture up to the cave and fall in love with the natural surroundings, the median home value in Adams, Tennessee is currently $283,882 and is expected to rise by 6.3% over the next year.

4. Orpheum Theatre

Image provided by La Prensa Latina

The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis first drew curtains in 1928 and has served as one of the premier places to catch a broadway show ever since. Often lauded for its beautiful, ornate architecture, the theatre is also known for its otherworldly audience, namely the apparition of a young girl with long braided brown hair who watches rehearsals from the balcony.

While the Orpheum is in downtown Memphis, those who fall in love with the city will be happy to know that the median home value is $103,289 and that figure is expected to grow by 6.3% over the next year.

3. Wheatlands Plantation

Image provided by Insider

If there’s any house that has a dark past, it’s the Wheatlands Plantation. Reportedly the site of at least 70 deaths, this quaint plantation-style home is rumored to host a diverse group of spirits ranging from Revolutionary War Soldiers to Native Americans to slaves, 69 of which are buried on the property’s grounds. Sadly, the museum and ghost tours have ceased to exist, and the building stands vacant, but that just makes it all the more eerie.

Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, the median home value surrounding the Wheatlands Plantation $224,396, and that’s expected to grow by 5.4% over the next year.

2. Carnton Plantation

Image provided by Rentals.Boft

Tennessee is ripe with Civil War history. On November 30, 1864, the Battle of Franklin erupted between Union and Confederate soldiers less than a mile from the Carnton Plantation, leaving nearly 8,500 dead. Of those who lost their lives, 6,000 were Confederate soldiers, including General Pat Cleburn whose body, among other generals, was taken and laid out on the back porch of the mansion. Rumor has it that his spirit still paces the back porch, contemplating the battle.

Not far from Nashville, properties in Franklin have an average home value of $515,025. That figure is expected to grow by 4.4% over the next year.

1. Shiloh National Military Park

Image provided by AFAR

The Battle of Shiloh claimed the lives of roughly 23,746 soldiers from both sides of the Civil War in 1862. To compare, the invasion of Normandy or “D-Day” claimed the lives of 2,811 American soldiers. Those willing to venture out at night report seeing the spirits of soldiers who lost their lives in what is often considered to be one of the bloodiest conflicts in American military history. What’s creepier is that there are reports of one of the ponds turning blood red at different times.

Shiloh National Military Park is in a relatively remote part of the state, so real estate data is not readily available, but what we can tell you is that it offers a sobering look into Tennessee's bloody, war-torn past.

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