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5 Halloween Social Media Ideas for Real Estate Agents
October 20, 2020

5 Halloween Social Media Ideas for Real Estate Agents

by The CE Shop Team

Try These Five Halloween Social Media Ideas for Growing Your Following

Real estate agents are known to embrace Halloween within their practice. The main reason agents love this spooky season centers on the intrinsic relationship between the profession and the holiday. Think about how many stories there are about haunted listings or how every home on the block simultaneously morphs into candy treasure troves for children to plunder. The real estate-to-Halloween connection is undeniable but now bears the risk of a quick falling out due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Halloween is only a few days away, but with social distancing guidelines still being followed, the trick-or-treating season will be anything except normal. However, just because circumstances have changed doesn’t mean we can’t all find a way to celebrate.

5 Social Media Ideas for Real Estate Agents Celebrating Halloween

Halloween is one of the more popular topics trending every year on social media. While you might not be able to hold in-person events commemorating the holiday, you can still go online and grow your follower base to generate more leads and create awareness about your services. Here’s a list of five ideas to help you get started.

1) Pumpkin Carving Contest

This idea is great for bringing together families during the Halloween season. It also requires very few items and is an event that pretty much every person loves to participate in.

How to Implement This Idea: Go on your social media channels and create a post asking your friends and followers to participate for the chance to win a prize. Below is some example language you can use:

Pumpkin Carving Contest: This Sunday, we will be hosting our very first digital pumpkin carving contest! To enter, please share your email address by commenting below or sending a direct message to my inbox. We will send out a Zoom invite to join the contest. Please come prepared with your very own spooky pumpkin creation before the Zoom call begins. After everyone has shown off their monstrosities, we will hold a vote to elect a winner. Materials You’ll Need:

-One Orange Pumpkin

-A Carving Knife

-A Candle to Fit Within the Pumpkin

First prize takes home a $100 gift card to Bonefish Grill! We look forward to seeing you there and feel free to share this invite with your friends! #PumpkinCarvingContest #JonForishaRealty 🎃.

This is merely an example to explain how this contest should function, but don’t be afraid to mix things up. You may want to have people carve their pumpkins on the Zoom call, or you could simplify the contest and just have people submit pictures of their creations. Whatever you do, make sure you brand the contest. This means sharing hashtags that relate back to your real estate business, naming the contest, and bringing the whole idea full circle as to what you do for your career: sell real estate.

2) Throw a Zoom Halloween Party

Thanks to the power of Zoom, you can now host your Halloween party without having anyone set foot inside your home. Not only is a virtual Halloween party a great way to socialize and mingle with your friends and followers, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to catch back up with those you haven’t seen since quarantine guidelines went into effect.

How to Implement This Idea: Similar to the pumpkin carving contest, you’ll want to post on social media about the idea, how to get an invite, and what they’ll need to participate (“Tasty treats and alcohol on repeat”). Feel free to also invite people on your email list; a party like this is a great way to mingle with former clients and other leads that you didn’t convert in the past.

The more people invited, the merrier the festivities. Just be prepared to have games going throughout the night to keep people engaged and be cautious about what is on your computer or in your living room background while the party is going on. The worst thing you could do is share your computer screen with everyone and they see a tab featuring some NSFW costumes you were “researching” for the party.

3) Create and Share Your Favorite Halloween Memes

Sharing Halloween memes is easy to do and fun for everyone. It allows you to show off your humor while also relating back to a holiday that is universally loved. If you’re going to choose only one social media activity out of this list, you should make memes.

How to Implement the Idea: Go to to get started. They’ll ask you to choose a photo from their library or you can upload your own. From there, write in the copy using a font style, and poof, your new meme is ready to share. Go on your social media platforms and post the meme. Make sure to also ask your friends and followers to share their own memes on your post to drastically increase engagement.

Does all this talk of memes have you feeling scared? Don’t fear! We can teach you how to create a viral meme that is sure to make your followers scream with delight.

4) Post Your Own Halloween Movie Reviews

If you’re a cinephile with a creepy addiction to horror stories, this idea is perfect for you. Halloween flicks are some of the most tried-and-true films loved by many. Writing your own reviews is a great way to demonstrate your personality and intelligence.

How to Implement the Idea: Select a few movies to watch and make an announcement post that states you’re reviewing these select films throughout the month of October. Feel free to brand the movie review series using your name or business. Then, twice a week, turn on Netflix, and watch your favorite flicks. After watching, write your movie review and share it on social media.

In terms of where the movie review should “live” online, we suggest keeping it simple by just posting straight to your social media account. However, if you want to extend this idea into the whole year, a separate blog page might be more suitable.

5) Hold a Costume Contest

Hosting a costume contest is an extremely effective way of getting people into the Halloween spirit. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to show off their costume design skills and their unique personalities.

How to Implement This Idea: Create a social post and send an email inviting people to join you on Zoom. Next, you’ll want to establish guidelines to prevent any inappropriate costumes as well as a structure for how the contest will function. You’ll also want to establish yourself as the host of the contest and will need to lead the activity. Costume contests over Zoom can become hectic very fast. Keeping structure will prevent these issues.

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