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5 Festive Nevada Towns to Get You in the Christmas Spirit
November 20, 2020

5 Festive Nevada Towns to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

by The CE Shop Team

Celebrate the Season in These 5 Nevada Towns

While winter holidays in Nevada may not initially top everyone’s wish list, the state’s natural beauty, great weather, and warm communities actually make it an ideal celebration destination. Plus, nobody does lights quite like Nevada! Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or exploring the offerings of your own town, these five cities have plenty of gifts to offer.

These Towns Will Warm Your Heart This Winter

From the booming metropolis of Las Vegas to the small former stagecoach station of Ely, Nevada’s holiday offerings are just as diverse as their communities. There’s something fun in store for adults and children alike, all from a safe social distance. This winter, celebrate the season in one of these twinkling towns.

1. Las Vegas

Image provided by Ashley Oñoz-Wright

Of course, as the shiniest star in the state, Vegas has to top the list. The city is usually jam-packed with visitors and locals alike, so Christmas this year will look a little different. Families can make a reservation at the Magical Forest and wander through an outdoor village of twinkling trees, ornate gingerbread houses, and oversized nutcrackers, all while following appropriate social distancing guidelines. Another option is the beloved annual lights display at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Each year, the sprawling cactus garden is adorned in dazzling Christmas lights, delighting viewers young and old. This year, stop by for a timed entry, ensuring everyone’s safety.

If you’ve got clients who love a good light display, they might fit right in at the neon capital of the world. The median home value in Vegas is $296,251, which is a 5.8% increase from the previous year. Zillow predicts this figure will rise another 7.4% within the next year.

2. Henderson

Image provided by City of Henderson

Just south of Sin City lies the community of Henderson, known for its annual fun and festive WinterFest event. Activities are hosted throughout the month of December, either virtually or by reservation this year. Highlights include a holiday light display, various pop-up entertainers, and even a cookie crawl. The town also has a mailbox dedicated to letters to Santa, so stop by Army Street for first-class service to the North Pole.

If you or a client get hooked on that cookie crawl, the median home value in Henderson is $351,883, which is a 6.1% increase from the previous year. Zillow predicts this figure will rise another 7.5% within the next year.

3. Gardnerville

Image provided by City of Gardnerville

Gardnerville, a small town just south of Reno, is known for its big holiday presence. This year marks the 15th annual Gardnerville Christmas Kickoff, complete with fireworks, music, and a pavilion lighting. The event takes place at Heritage Park, and social distancing precautions must be followed. All attendees must also wear a mask, and anyone appearing sick will not be admitted. The good news is that even if you’re avoiding crowds, you can park a lawn chair almost anywhere in town and still enjoy the festive firework show.

If your clients are looking for small-town charm with plenty of holiday spirit, the median home value in Gardnerville is $426,927, which is a 4.2% increase from the previous year. Zillow predicts this figure will rise another 6.8% within the next year.

4. Ely

Ely sits near the state’s eastern edge and was first established as a single stagecoach station along the Pony Express route. The town’s rich railroad history is still alive today, especially as December rolls around. Ely’s Nevada Northern Railway Museum is home to Santa’s Reindeer Flyer, an imaginative train trip to the North Pole. Kids of all ages can meet some of Santa’s helpers, enjoy warm cookies, and, of course, do some Christmas caroling. This year, Santa’s Reindeer Flyer is running through December 28.

Any homeseekers who may identify as history buffs, particularly of the Pony Express variety, will feel right at home in Ely. The median home value is $152,695, which is a 3.5% increase from the previous year. Zillow predicts this figure will rise another 6.3% within the next year.

5. Virginia City

Image provided by Visit Virginia City, NV

Virginia City is a 900-person town southeast of Reno, known for its rich past in mining and historic Victorian neighborhoods. Like a real-life holiday movie, the town’s month-long Christmas on the Comstock event includes fireworks, carriage rides, a town-wide Christmas challenge, and much, much more. Even if you don’t opt to attend the events, just seeing this quaint town decked out in Christmas lights is sure to warm your heart.

Know someone looking for a historic home? The median home value in Virginia City is $449,000, which is a 37.4% increase from the previous year.

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