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5 Best Places to Catch a Hokies Game in Blacksburg
September 14, 2020

5 Best Places to Catch a Hokies Game in Blacksburg

by The CE Shop Team

Catch the Hokies’ Games at These Hometown Bars in Blacksburg

Those that live in Blacksburg, Virginia - or sell real estate there - have a few reasons to brag. In 2011, the town was named "Best Place in the U.S. to Raise Kids" by BusinessWeek and "Best College Town in the South" by Southern Living. The town is also lauded for its exceptional public transportation network. College sports fans, on the other hand, have even more reasons to boast about this vibrant, young metropolis. So, if you’ve got a prospective sports fan as a client, here’s where to send them to get a better feel for the place (COVID-19 restrictions pending, of course).

5. PK’s Bar & Grill

PK’s has been around since 1992, giving it just enough time to be considered a Blacksburg classic. It also has all of the makings of a classic hometown sports oasis, including billiards, darts, hot wings, a back deck, and, of course, 23 TVs scattered throughout to keep everyone up to date at all times on all of the college sports action.

4. Abby’s Restaurant

Image provided by Eater Atlanta

Those looking for a great meal and a cold brew in a laid-back setting should look no further than Abby’s. They may not have more TVs than a Vegas casino’s security HQ, but they have enough to keep any sports lover happy. Additionally, their cold beer selection and made-from-scratch menu are some of the best values in town.

3. The Coop

Image provided by The Coop Facebook

For the foodie and football fan, the Coop might just be what the doctor ordered. Best described as modern and airy with elevated takes on more traditional meals, the Coop does in fact have several TVs behind the bar. No one ever said craft beer and football don’t pair nicely.

2. Top of the Stairs

Image provided by The Roanoke Times

Make no mistake about Top of the Stairs, or TOTS for short; it’s a college hang where the drinks flow like the New River. It’s been that way since 1978, and where better to cheer on the Hokies than amid the students themselves? It’s also been listed as one of the best college bars by USA Today.

1. Hokie House Restaurant

Yet another Blacksburg institution, Hokie House Restaurant has been slinging burgers and beers since 1966. Class after class, year after year, if there’s anything Virginia Tech alumni have in common, it’s that they’ve all made memories at Hokie House Restaurant. Not surprisingly, it’s also a great place to catch a game, play some pool, or throw some darts.

Whatever sport they're into, or whatever team they root for, the local watering holes and restaurants are places that help define a neighborhood and make people feel at home. As a real estate professional, it’s important to consider these things. Purchasing a home is so much more than just a house. It’s buying into a way of life.

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