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Embracing the adaptability of your tri-state area can make you a better real estate agent.
January 25, 2018

3 Ways to be a More Effective Agent in a Tristate Area

by The CE Shop Team

Accomplish Even More in Your Community

Within the United States, there are dozens of regions that are informally called a “tri-state” area, where three states converge. Some of the biggest tristate areas include "the DMV" (consisting of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) and the Cincinnati area (including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana). If you’ve noticed a trend of clients living in one state and commuting to another, you might be in one of these regions. These three tools will help you master real estate in three different states.

Be Up-to-Date on Your Education

Being located in the center of three states means you are in the perfect position to reach more people. The easiest way to do that is to be licensed in all three states. You may say, “Why would I put extra time and money into a state I don’t serve?” The truth is, if you are located in a tristate area, you should be prepared to serve all the communities in your region. Since your clients likely travel frequently between multiple areas, you can assume they are also seeking a real estate agent in a variety of places.

Earning multiple state licenses will keep you ahead of the competition. No matter where your client base is located, you will be able to help them with ease.

Once you attain your license, be sure to stay informed on state requirements concerning renewals. When you sign up for a course through The CE Shop, we will remind you when an important renewal date is approaching so you don’t miss out on your education.

Branch Out

If you are working in one of these areas that is near multiple states, your best option is to capitalize on that. Immerse yourself in the local area. Where do most people live and where do they commute? In a tristate area, your clients may be waking up in Ohio and traveling to Kentucky every morning for their job. Understand that these clients may be more flexible about where they are located because they are regularly commuting.

If you were focused on serving just one region, now is the time to branch out. Your community may be larger than you believe in one of these tristate areas.

Become a Better Networker

As a real estate agent, you already know the best ways to find and keep new contacts; it’s simply part of the job! In a tristate area, it is essential that you expand your connections. There may be communities across state lines that you have never spoken to but now you must find a common ground in order to secure them as your clients. Include yourself in community activities across the entire tristate area to illustrate that you are able to serve their community even if you don’t live there.

As Bernice Ross states on Inman’s blog, “To be more effective in your networking efforts, be curious about what matters to others, strengthen your connection by laser-focusing your attention on your conversational partners, and use a ‘give-to-get’ approach to earn the right to do business with them.” There are always better ways to be a more effective listener and now you can practice the art of networking within your neighboring communities.

Don’t let the enormity of the area overwhelm you. Embrace the adaptability of your tristate area and leverage your expanded community to better serve your business.

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