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3 Mistakes the Browns Made That Real Estate Agents Shouldn’t
September 8, 2020

3 Mistakes the Browns Made That Real Estate Agents Shouldn’t

by The CE Shop Team

Learn From The Browns’ Mistakes and Become the Best Agent You Can Be

Before we enter the 2020 NFL season, let’s pause and look back at the Browns’ previous seasons to find out why everyone’s predictions were so off, and why the Browns can’t seem to “click”.

Sadly, this dysfunction and lack of success is nothing new for the Browns organization. They’ve been an NFL punching bag for most of their time in the league. In the two decades since they returned in 1999, they’ve made it to the playoffs just once: in 2002, which ended in a wild card exit. Not exactly a record worth remembering...

So, without dragging on too much about the organization, let’s dive into what mistakes they’ve made and how you can learn from their failures to be a better agent.

Lack of Team Chemistry

One look at the Cleveland Browns, and it’s easy to see why they’re not winning. The offense isn’t working at all as they try to move away from being a power running team focused on giving Chubb the ball, to one that feeds Odell Beckham Jr. the ball. By shifting their focus to passing, this puts more pressure on Baker Mayfield to win games with his arm. This would be a good strategy if the rest of the offense was on board and designed for this change.

The blame here can’t be fully put on the players, as the front office and coaches haven’t always brought on great talent. Looking back at previous players, the stand out list of great talent on the team isn’t that long.

Staying Organized and On Top of Your Game

Cleveland has had so much instability over the years as the team is currently on its seventh head coach this decade. Choosing to go with Kitchens was an easy decision for the team, as he was the offensive coordinator.

Unfortunately, things haven’t been good under Kitchens. The coach made waves with fans for several mistakes in game management and play calling. You can point to most Browns games in 2019 and find pretty clear errors he’s made, and most of the time Cleveland was still in the game when it happened.

On top of on field management, the Browns have a number of off field issues with players like Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., and Jermaine Whitehead. Clearly, Kitchens is in over his head.

The Best Offense Is a Good Defense

Every seasoned NFL fan knows that championships are won by the defense. How can you win a game when you allow the opponent to score more than your team? It just doesn’t add up. Unfortunately, this is another area in which the Browns continue to struggle with.

Even with one of the top defensive players in the league, in the 2019 season the Browns allowed 25.6 points per game, 141.3 rushing yards per game, and have only managed to force nine turnovers, all of which rank in the bottom third of the league. Ranking this low on these important defensive statistics reflect that the defense needs to step up and pull their weight.

Top Takeaways From the Browns’ Woes

The list of mistakes the Browns organization has made over the years goes on and on, but understanding these three big mistakes and how to avoid them will be helpful throughout your career in real estate.

  1. Connecting with others and being a team player is important for your success.
  2. Staying organized and prepared helps you deal with adversity and hiccups better as you can react quicker, smarter, and come out on top.
  3. Knowing your market, the competition, and your audience is crucial for success in your market. Always being on the offensive can be good, but knowing when to slow down and “see the field” can pay off in changing times.

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