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2022 Design Trends to Keep in Mind When Staging a Home
January 13, 2022

2022 Design Trends to Keep in Mind When Staging a Home

by The CE Shop Team

Tap Into the Latest Design Trends to Make Your Staging Pop in 2022

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why thoughtful, professional, and on-trend home staging has become a critical part of the buying and selling process. Poor lighting, sparse furnishings, and clutter can all distract from the property, while a little polishing can paint the home in its very best light. Additionally, a perfectly staged home could potentially fetch you a higher price and a faster sale. Staying up to date on the latest design trends may seem daunting, but don’t worry — The CE Shop is here to help!

The Top Home Design Trends for 2022

While staging should essentially convert the home to a blank canvas, incorporating a few modern, stylish elements adds intrigue and freshness. Plus, as we kick off a brand new year, there are plenty of new trends to try. According to Vogue, here are the top home design trends for the new year:

1. Warm Brown Tones

2022 Design Trends to Keep in Mind When Staging a Home

Fans of the ‘70s, rejoice! Deep, warm shades of brown are making a comeback. Designer Mark D. Sikes foresees plenty of “chocolate browns, camels, and caramels — there has been so much color and pattern, especially pastels, the last few years and I think people will be ready for a palette cleanser.”

Pro Tip: If your clients are bored of brown, consider incorporating some other on-trend colors. For example, Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year is Very Peri, a playful shade of lavender, while Benjamin Moore opted for October Mist, a calming sage green. From accent walls to throw pillows, stepping away from the white-on-white color scheme is sure to bring your listings up to date.

2. Sculptural Furniture

2022 Design Trends to Keep in Mind When Staging a Home

When staging a home, every design element should make a positive impression. Enter: furniture that doubles as art.

This year, experts predict that curved, organic pieces will take center stage. “A curved form is subconsciously read as safe, friendly, and welcoming,” explains designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. “With everyone feeling a bit precious, I think those softer shapes and angles will still be a big trend in 2022 in furniture as well as architecture.” 

Martyn Lawrence Bullard, an L.A.-based interior designer, agrees. “[Expect] more gracious and sensual shapes, curved edges, and deep, luxuriant seats.” Sounds like the ideal place to kick back and complete some closing paperwork!

3. Vintage Pieces

2022 Design Trends to Keep in Mind When Staging a Home

While the rise of thrifting is nothing novel, 2022 will exemplify the blending of old and new. Antique and vintage elements add character, texture, and dimension to any space. Take a note from the pros and encourage your clients to play around with anything from heirloom china to vintage furniture.

“Whenever I can use vintage, I will,” said designer Athena Calderone. “From a design standpoint, vintage is the protagonist of every room — it has the power to influence the storytelling and direction. Their patina brings a touchable texture and warmth to every space, not to mention a sacred sentimentality. But aside from their decorative propensity, these rare antiquities are stylishly sustainable. By repurposing the old, the damaged, the jagged into something new, we’re reducing our footprint while bringing a rich sense of history and spirit into a space.”

4. Mix-and-Match Design Styles

2022 Design Trends to Keep in Mind When Staging a Home

In the same vein, 2022 will see design become more flexible. For example, clients don’t need to stick to a strictly Mid-Century display anymore. Mixing, matching, and combining design styles is actually a surefire way to ensure your listings appear both modern and classic. Get it?

“Paying attention to the subtleties will be important in 2022,” said designer Erick Garcia. “Like how a beautiful vintage solid wood armchair can offset an otherwise contemporary home, activating the space, adding warmth and invitation.”

5. Smart Home Technology

2022 Design Trends to Keep in Mind When Staging a Home

Speaking of activating the space, smart home technology will also have a place in home decor this year. As Millennials continue to dominate the housing market and their preferences for smart home capabilities increase, beautiful and functional tech will become key.

“Design continues to evolve with new advances in technology,” explains designer Kelly Wearstler. “Myself and many designers are embracing virtual design by leveraging this powerful new technology to create immersive spaces and highly engaging designs that feel both contemporary and futuristic.”

Home Design Trends to Avoid in 2022

Now that you know what’s hot, let’s discuss what’s no longer, quite literally, in Vogue:

Open Floor Plans

Okay, this one may not technically qualify as a trend, but we have to acknowledge the fact that open floor plans have been on life support for a few years now. While the extra space is great for entertaining and maximizing natural light, the vastness can also feel cold, impersonal, and, in the age of COVID-19-induced remote work, downright impractical.

While you may not be able to help a client completely change their floor plan, you can encourage the use of designated zones within the space. For example, area rugs, pendant lights, room dividers, and even the use of color can all help segment off even the airiest open floor plan. 


Evoking ‘80s-era texture, bouclé is the nubby, woven fabric that swept the interior design world in recent years. From throw pillows to accent chairs, the benefits of bouclé include added depth, an air of coziness, and an element of interest without introducing loud colors or distracting patterns.

Unfortunately, though, according to experts, it is possible to get too much of a good thing. “I think after two years it’s time to move on,” said Marcus Barwell, Managing Director at Soho House Design. “I still love [it] but there is a point where enough is enough,” echoes Danielle Colding of Danielle Colding Design. 

Boxy Sofas

Fans of modern and Mid-Century modern design may want to sit down for this one. “The square armed boxy sofa has definitely been retired,” said Martyn Lawrence Bullard, an L.A.-based interior designer. 

On the whole, linear furniture is being replaced with softer, comfier, and more organic options. Overstuffed chairs and plush couches will put your client on the cutting edge but, of course, a modern sofa probably won’t make or break the sale.

Stage for Success 

While you do want a staged home to look fairly neutral and timeless, a few on-trend touches could set your property apart. This is especially true as we navigate a market unlike any other, where buyers are out in record numbers, often paying higher prices and looking for something new. Whichever trend you choose to tackle, spruce up your listings to evoke an emotional response and stage your way to the sale this year.

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