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$2 Million Pet Spa Coming to Chesterfield
May 17, 2021

$2 Million Pet Spa Coming to Chesterfield

by The CE Shop Team

Virginia Pets Now Have Their Own Luxury Resort

For the 56% of Virginia households with pets, there’s a new pet spa resort coming soon, and it’s nicer than most hotels. Pet Paradise is a pet spa and daycare that will give cuddly companions a chance to sit in the lap of luxury. While it seems crazy that pet owners would pay so much to pamper their pooches, Americans love to spoil their pets. In 2020, there was an estimated $103.6 billion spent on pets, and projections for pet spending in 2021 sit around $109.6 billion. With so much potential pawfit available, real estate agents should understand what Pet Paradise offers, how much pets influence the overall process of purchasing property, and what they can do to fetch loyal, pet-focused clients.

Pet Paradise’s Pedigree

Pet Paradise is a Jacksonville-based chain of dog and cat boarding facilities that plans to construct a 16,000-sq.-ft. resort on Koger Center Boulevard in Chesterfield. On top of the basic boarding amenities, this resort also offers climate-controlled kennels, VIP suites, cat condos, and a custom bone-shaped pool.

“When you drive up to our facility, we call them resorts because they look like resorts for humans,” said Brian Franco, Pet Paradise’s Vice President of Real Estate. “We have vet services, upscale boarding, grooming, day camps, and indoor and outdoor play yards.”

At the resort and day spa, Pet Paradise goes beyond just your basic pet daycare. The staff takes the time to learn your pet’s name and favorite things to make your pet really feel like family. Daily “Pawgress Reports'' and live webcams help owners stay connected and prevent them from missing any pawdorable highlights.

Pets and America

Americans clearly love their pets, and who can blame them? It’s no surprise so many of us long for the companionship that only a furry friend can provide. Pets are scientifically proven to make us happier and can even help us live longer. Over 67% of U.S. households report owning at least one pet, and this figure is expected to increase. The correlation between pets and big business is clear, which is why Pet’s Paradise model for pet care is making an impact in the pet industry.

The idea of creating the perfect place for you and your pet’s peace of mind is at the core of Pet’s Paradise mission — and it seems to be paying off in spades as Pet Paradise’s estimated annual revenue tops $50 million.

Pets and Real Estate

Pet ownership can have a tremendous influence on homebuying decisions, according to a recent research study from the National Association of REALTORS®, which found that 43% of U.S. households would be willing to move or change their living situation to accommodate their pet.

"A home purchase can be one of the largest a household makes,” the study says. “A number of factors must be considered throughout the home buying and selling process, including all members of the household, even pets.”

Good schools, an easy commute, and low taxes are common amenities that homebuyers look for in a community. However, dog parks are another feature that pet-loving clients may start to consider just as critical.

Ralph McLaughlin, former chief economist with Trulia, told MarketWatch in an interview, “With dog ownership on the rise in the U.S., it shouldn’t come as a surprise that home builders and local governments are increasingly providing dog parks for their residents. Dog parks may also play a role in helping sustain relative value in neighborhoods with them compared to those without.”

There are now 774 dog parks in the 100 biggest metro areas, a nearly 5% increase from last year and up 40% since 2009. What’s noteworthy here is that cities with the highest density of dog parks are some of the most dynamic real estate markets in the country. These cities are often found in the top 50 for the highest home price increases, with home prices appreciating faster than the national average. Clients are drawn to these cities at least in part because they are dog-friendly and offer a community that supports pets.

Pets and Real Estate

How to Be a Pet-Friendly Business

Welcoming all pets is good for business, regardless of breed or size. Being recognized as a pet-friendly business will help you stand out, and create buzz around your services, bringing in more clients. Additionally, serving pet owners gives you a great opportunity to help them save money by transitioning from renting a property (where most likely pay pet rent, pet fees, or have paid a pet deposit) to owning a home. Try adding these easy pet-friendly services to boost your business’ pet-friendliness:

  • Keep water bowls out for thirsty pets
  • Have a jar of treats ready for four-legged friends
  • Make a sign that welcomes pets and their owners inside

As an agent, listening to your clients’ and their pets’ needs is crucial to get a balanced idea of what they’re looking for in a new home. Let your clients see your love for pets by being the information center on your community’s dog parks, vet offices, groomers, kennels, or even great pet watchers you know. Help them envision themselves enjoying their new property with their pet companion by their side.

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