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$100 Million Real Estate Portfolio Listed By Elon Musk
June 22, 2020

$100 Million Real Estate Portfolio Listed By Elon Musk

by The CE Shop Team

Elon Musk Has Listed All Six of His California Mansions

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, announced that he would be selling almost all physical possessions, including his houses, in a pretty shocking tweet on May 1st. Elon is seeking more freedom in his latest headline-grabbing move.

Days after he posted this tweet, he began to list his mansions to show that he is keeping his word, although it’s not likely they will sell these homes anytime soon. Four of his six listed mansions are being offered as a bundle for a total of $62.5 million. He has one demand that he also tweeted: “I own Gene Wilder’s old house. It cannot be torn down or lose any of its soul.” What’s more interesting is that he has chosen to do all of this by himself, without the help of a real estate agent.

Elon’s Homes in Bel Air

The bundle offer in Bel Air comprises four homes, one that is a modern mansion on a plot of land by itself, and three that are located on a cul-de-sac. Why did Elon decide to buy three homes next to each other? Privacy concerns. Ultimately, he referred to these close proximity mansions as a private school for his children.

  • He purchased the first home for $17 million and it is now estimated to be worth $22.3 million.
  • One year later he purchased another home just down the street for $6.75 million and is listed now for $9.5 million.
  • In 2015 he purchased a ranch style mansion for $20 million and an unfinished mansion for $24.25 million in early 2016.

Going through the list of homes included in this “bundle” is strange and seems out of this world. That is until we move onto the other two mansions he’s purchased and which are now listed on the market.

Elon’s Hillsborough Mediterranean Mansion

In 2017 Musk purchased a 100 year-old Mediterranean style mansion that boasted 10 bedrooms, bay views, hiking trails, and a ballroom. Musk bought it for $23.4 million and recently listed it on Zillow for $35 million.


Image provided by Zillow listing


Elon’s Brentwood Boomerang Mansion

The most unique of his collection includes a boomerang-shaped house in Brentwood, California, just north of downtown Los Angeles that he bought with his ex-wife Talulah Riley. The former couple paid just under $3.7 million for it in 2014, and sold it for $3.9 million.

Image provided by Los Angeles Times

First image provided by Zillow listing

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