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10 Things You Can Do With Time Freed Up by Online Learning
August 26, 2021

10 Things You Can Do With Time Freed Up by Online Learning

by The CE Shop Team

Online Real Estate Students Can Choose From Hordes of Hobbies

Between the rise of personal technology and more recently the global COVID-19 pandemic, online education has exploded. The CE Shop has been on board since our inception as a company, perfecting the most efficient online learning platform for real estate agents. Meanwhile, many other education providers started as brick-and-mortar schools and only just recently joined the 21st century by offering online courses.

Not to mention, classroom learning costs you more than just time. Instead of wasting hours driving to school, money on gas, and working around a strict class schedule that saps your personal time, you can simply take your courses online and learn on your own time. Earning and maintaining your real estate license should be an efficient process that allows you to enjoy downtime, family events, and hobbies, not some annoying nuisance that constantly hinders your schedule.

When students choose to prepare for their future with our convenient online classes as opposed to the clunky and outdated in-person options, a sizable chunk of their schedule often opens up. So, what’s an online real estate student with plenty of spare time to do? 

Pick a Hobby, Any Hobby

10 Things You Can Do With Time Freed Up by Online Learning

From extreme ironing to ghost hunting, here are the top ten things real estate agents can do with the time freed up by online learning. 

1. Soap Carving

Soap carving is nothing short of good, clean fun! Whittling bars of soap into miniature sculptures is an age-old pastime made even more popular by the recent rise of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). Spend your time offline carving seashells, flowers, or even intricate dragons. Plus, your creations could make a one-of-a-kind closing gift!

2. News Raiding

News raiding, otherwise known as news bombing, consists of locating live news broadcasts and sneaking into the shot. To succeed as a hobby raider, though, it’s got to be more than a one-time thing. Paul Yarrow, widely regarded as the best of the best in this field, has made live TV more than a hundred times! Don’t forget to wear a branded t-shirt to take your guerilla marketing strategy to the next level. 

3. Tree Shaping

You could also grow your skills in arborsculpture, or tree shaping. Close the laptop and step outside to clip, bend, or train your trees into living works of art, from chairs to human-like shapes. With just a bit of practice, you may even be able to diversify and offer clients à la carte landscaping services. 

4. Duck Herding

Or, perhaps duck herding better fits the bill. This brand of feathered fun consists of guiding a group of ducks through an intricate obstacle course and into a pen. Join a team or go it alone but either way, you’ll often have the help of a sheepdog. Maybe a duck herding championship could be your brokerage’s next big team-building event!

5. Extreme Ironing

Real estate agents who tend to dress for success might have a new way to let off steam! Extreme ironing is exactly what it sounds like: ironing clothes while performing some sort of extreme sport. Successful bouts have included riding in a helicopter, mountain biking, and even skydiving. Whatever your physical feat of choice, consider taking this hobby for a spin in your spare time.

6. Mooing

This one is nearly impossible to butcher. The art of mooing comes down to creating the best impression of a cow. It’s a hobby that you really need to hear to believe, and the competition can be fierce. While mooing might not directly carry over to your work in real estate, practicing is sure to be amoosing.

7. Palm Reading

Wave ‘hello’ to a particularly hands-on hobby! Palm readers seek to understand a person based on the lines, prints, and mounts of their hand. It is a practice of intuition but, with a little background knowledge, just about anyone can read palms like a pro. Plus, perhaps clients would be willing to pay a premium for an agent with palm-reading capabilities. After all, that might make it a little easier to determine which property is ‘the one’. 

8. Dirt Polishing

If you’re looking to get down and dirty, dirt polishing might be right up your alley. This particular pastime, also known as dorodango, is actually a Japanese art form. In dorodango, the artist finds calm and comfort by forming a mud ball by hand and coating it in increasingly fine layers of dirt. The ball is then polished until it resembles a perfectly smooth and shiny sphere. When the dust has settled, these works of art can make modern and unique closing gifts.

9. Ghost Hunting

If you’re particularly interested in local history, mystery, or haunted houses in general, why not get in the spirit of ghost hunting? With a little preparation, research, and caution, you can get a whole new perspective of your local haunts. You could even take a note from The Ghost Realtor and market yourself based on your newfound knowledge of the supernatural. 

10. Creative Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is a great opportunity for some furry fun. Armed with clippers, razors, and plenty of dye, these artists create colorful, eccentric, and downright weird works of art on their four-legged friends. From candy-colored coats to beloved cartoon characters, this may be the perfect creative outlet for agents - particularly the pet-focused ones. Plus, the competition could offer yet another opportunity to grow your sphere of influence!

Bonus: Study Up on Closely-Related Industries

If you’re looking for something a little less funky and a little more functional, consider exploring some closely related verticals to expand your reach and incorporate fun. Whether you opt for mortgage services, property management, or home staging, using your spare time to grow a hobby into a complementary business opportunity could improve customer experience, drive revenue, and grow your business as a whole.

No matter how you choose to spend your free time, The CE Shop will be here when you’re ready to get back to learning. Our innovative online curriculum is designed with your success (and freedom) in mind.

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